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Handbook Essentials


• A parent/guardian must call all absences into the attendance line 821-0185 ext. 4 by 7:45 am each day that the child is absent.

• Teachers will take attendance by 7:35 am daily.

• Absences may be excused for the following reasons with appropriate documentation:

  • Illness

  • Limited family emergencies; family deaths

  • Medical, health or legal appointments

  • Religious commitment

• All absences for other reasons are unexcused including:

  • Non-school sponsored activities or trips

  • Family vacations outside of the normally scheduled school breaks

  • Students will not be released after 2:15 pm except in a dire emergency.

  • All after school plans should be made at home. In the event that changes must be made, please call the office before 2:00 pm. All changes in plans DO NOT necessarily constitute an emergency for office staff. While every effort will be made to give messages to students, office personnel are unable to ensure that students will receive messages at school.

  • Any student who is tardy or picked up early MUST be signed in or out through the office by an adult. 

  • For safety reasons, any adult checking out a student must be on the enrollment card and will be asked to present an official picture ID in order for the student to be released.

Dress Code

APS Policy

The school is an academic learning environment to support student achievement. To ensure the learning process is maximized without distractions to students the following APS Board of Education student dress code will be enforced:

“The Board of Education expects student dress and grooming to reflect high standards of personal conduct so that each student’s attire promotes a positive, safe and healthy atmosphere within the school. Student dress may not present a health or safety hazard, violate municipal or state law or present a potential for disruption to the instructional program. Attire or accessories, which advertise, display or promote any drug, including alcohol or tobacco, sexual activity, violence, disrespect and/or bigotry towards any group are not acceptable.

Unacceptable clothing and accessories include, but are not limited to, gang-related attire, excessively tight or revealing clothes, short shorts, bare midriff, low-cut and/or off the shoulder blouses, spiked jewelry, chains, belts with more than 2 inches excess. “Sagging”, or the wearing of pants below the waist and/or in a manner that allows underwear or bare skin to show, and “bagging”, or the wearing of excessively baggy pants with low hanging crotches are prohibited. As a matter of common courtesy and respect, hats/caps are not to be worn while inside buildings”.

E.G. Ross Policy

Before your children leave for school, please check if the clothing is for a social setting, or for an academic setting. To ensure the learning process is maximized at E.G. Ross without distractions to students the following student dress code will also be enforced:

  • No sagging - Pants must be worn at the waist
  • No hanging belts or excessive jewelry
  • No excessively tight or revealing clothing
  • No make-up
  • No hairstyle that is a distraction by color or cut
  • No shoes with wheels such as Heely’s
  • Coats and backpacks should have your child’s name written in them

Cell Phone Policy


Cell phones and other communication devices are HIGHLY discouraged, but if a student must have a cell phone or watch type communication device it must be kept in their backpack and turned off during school instructional hours (7:30-2:30). Use of these devices during these instructional hours will result in confiscation of the device and require a parent to pick up the phone from the office administration. EG Ross is not responsible for loss or damaged items not allowed during instructional time at school.

E.G. Ross Student Handbook

Download the E.G. Ross Student Handbook, 2023-2024 (DOCX)

In this handbook:

  • School Calendar
  • Contact Information
  • Daily Schedule
  • Attendance Guidelines
  • Discipline Policy
  • Bullying
  • T.A.G. Process
  • School Counseling
  • Parent Concerns
  • Safety
  • Adult Volunteers
  • Animals on Campus
  • Before/After School Programs
  • Bicycles/Skateboards
  • Bus Service
  • Cafeteria
  • Campus Visitors
  • Cell Phones
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Field Trips
  • Dress Code
  • Homework Policy
  • Parent Faculty Club
  • Parent Involvement
  • Parties and Celebrations
  • Recess
  • School Mediation Program
  • Social Media Policy
  • Student Possessions